Monday, 11 September 2017

A New Look for a New Title!

So, we've changed things up around here!  And with good reason, too, for after a fair amount of discussion and market research (and some soul-searching on my part, I must admit) the title of my debut novel has been changed.  This was done because the working title (Aegis Immemorial) makes for a very good series name, but was a little bit off for the book itself.  So, that's what it will be- a series name- and I am pleased to announce that in February, we will be launching the Kickstarter for.......

*drumroll please*

Death's White Hands
(A Tale of Aegis Immemorial)

Now, February may seem like a long way away, but there's plenty to look forward to between then and now.  First on the list will be the official cover reveal, which will take place in a few weeks' time- so watch this space!  We'll even be celebrating the cover by giving away a free short story, just to tide people over until the book itself is released.

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Speaking of the sidebar (and the new layout in general), I would like to thank the amazing Tiffany Rose for the fantastic new website banner, which you can also see on my Facebook and Twitter profiles!  Tiffany is one half of the team behind 'Hello World: .EXE Chronicles'- a sci-fi tale of reprogrammed humans and hacktivism, and the power of one voice against a whole corporation.  If that sounds like your thing, click HERE and grab a copy!  You can also follow Tiffany's twitter here, if you'd like to keep up with her work too.

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